Every few months we source coffees for a new blend to create an espresso that not only contains fresh, recently harvested coffee but also matches the feeling of the current season.

Inspired by the work, passion and curiosity of deep sea explorer Sylvia Earle we present to you our Seasonal Espresso for Spring of 2018: AQUANAUT. We chose lots exclusively from female producers in Colombia and Brazil to create a coffee that not only showcases the important and quality work of women in coffee, but tastes damned good too.

We may just be roasting coffee and making art, but somebody has to fill the bellies of the movers and shakers. So we raise a glass to you all out there getting after the unknown. Cheers!

Recommended shot: 19 gram dose, 40 gram output, 28 second extraction

Tasting Notes

apple, cherry, lime, dark chocolate

  • Cup Profile - juicy, sweet, complex
  • Country of Origin - Brazil, Colombia
  • Growning Region - Minas Gerais, Cauca
  • Processing - natural, washed


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