Yellow Bourbon is a naturally occurring mutation of the Red Bourbon variety, first discovered outside Sao Paulo in 1930. While it is still susceptible to coffee leaf rust, it has a early maturation of cherry making it ideal for growing at high altitudes where the fruit of coffee trees usually matures more slowly. It has developed a reputation for elevated sweetness and crisp acidity, making it stand out from typical nutty-tasting Brazilian coffees. This is our second year buying Yellow Bourbon from the Carvalho family and their farm Cachoeira de Grama in Mogiana, and we’re pleased to see that their coffee is only getting better each time. They employ 27 people full-time and 40 more seasonally on the farm, and provide on-site schooling for all the children of working families. We’re happy to again purchase coffee from Cachoeira de Grama and help support quality of coffee and quality of life in Mogiana, Brazil.

Tasting Notes

baked apple, almond butter, dried apricot

  • Cup Profile - soft, buttery, mild
  • Country of Origin - Brazil
  • Growing Region - Mogiana
  • Cultivars - Yellow Bourbon
  • Processing - Natural Process
  • Elevation - 950 - 1100 masl