Luiz Paolo Dias Pereira owns and operates Fazenda IP (named after his grandfather Isidro Pereira who began farming there in 1967.) Since the days his grandfather ran the farm Luiz has expanded to 5 times the farm’s original size, cultivating several different varieties of coffee including the Yellow Bourbon in this lot. “Honey” refers to the processing method used for this coffee, which involves pulping the seed out of the coffee cherries but leaving the sugary mucilage or “honey” on the seed as it dries. The result of this method (along with Luiz’s expert cultivation and selective picking procedures) is a perfectly balanced coffee that has sweetness, body and a pleasantly mild acidity.

Tasting Notes

red apple, caramel, baking spice

  • Cup Profile - sweet, mild, buttery
  • Country of Origin - Brazil
  • Growning Region - Carmo de Minas
  • Cultivars - Yellow Bourbon
  • Processing - Honey Process
  • Elevation - 950 - 1200 masl


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