Long Miles Coffee Project is a small family endeavor, growing and producing unique micro-lots of coffee in Burundi, East Africa. They build relationships with families of coffee growers, listen to their struggles and build platforms for change based on what they hear. The implement pathways for hope through excellently grown and cared for coffees. Long Miles believe in the potential of the people and coffee of Burundi, and with this lot from Gitwe Hill we’re seeing that potential come to life. This is one of the most astounding coffees we’ve ever tasted.

Tasting Notes

You’ll taste strawberry candy, limeade, cola, pomegranate juice, white wine and apple.

  • Country of Origin - Burundi
  • Growning Region - Kayanza
  • Cultivars - Bourbon
  • Processing - Sun-dried Natural
  • Elevation - 2050 MASL