Ben Carlson, co-founder of Long Miles Coffee Project, calls Burundi the Cinderella of the coffee world: hidden, misused, misunderstood, and neglected. Since the Belgians first started planting coffee in Burundi in the 1960’s, producers have used this landlocked African country only to produce commodity coffee. That means for the last fifty years Burundi’s rich and unique coffees have been lost in a sea of instant coffee and grocery store blends. But now, grown and crafted with care, Burundi coffee is finding its place in the speciality limelight. Their path there includes listening to farmers, implementing emerging quality practices, and risking operation in the ever changing country of Burundi. Working alongside the amazing people growing their coffee on the hills of Burundi, Long Miles Coffee Project have succeeded in showcasing the exceptional quality of coffee the country has to offer all while increasing the income of the farmer and impacting their lives. And in war-torn Burundi, officially the poorest country in the world, that’s a pretty big deal. We’ve witnessed the effect that LMCP has had for the people growing coffee in Burundi, and tasted the fruit of their collaborative efforts. This sun-dried natural process coffee from Mutana Hill is truly incredible and shows just how much potential the people and coffee of Burundi have.

Tasting Notes

lime, pomegranate, caramel, cola

  • Cup Profile - fruity, sweet, bright
  • Country of Origin - Burundi
  • Growning Region - Kayanza
  • Cultivars - Bourbon
  • Processing - natural process
  • Elevation - 2023 - 2156 masl