Fanny Velandia is 46 years old, and she started producing coffee four years ago on her farm, San Bernardo. With 2.5-hectares of land, Doña Fanny has 13,000 coffee trees of Castillo and Colombia varieties. On her farm, she also has plantain, avocado, and some citrus fruits.

Doña Fanny is an atypical coffee grower from the region. She’s not from a traditional coffee family, however growing coffee has become part of her life. Fanny bought her farm five years ago after retiring from her work in Bogotá. She now lives at San Bernardo with her husband, Justino (53), who has fallen in love with coffee and the crops. Now they are passionate about delivering the best cherries, as they are excited to be part of La Palma y El Tucan’s Neighbors and Crops project that processes coffees from nearby farms with state-of-the-art facilities and methods.

This lot was processed using their lactic fermentation technique… coffee cherries are placed in sealed containers where oxygen contact is minimized, temperature is allowed to climb and pH is allowed to drop (higher acid content.) This creates an environment where the microorganism lactobacillus can thrive, eating the sugars present in the coffee cherries and producing lactic acid as a byproduct. The coffee is then pulped, washed and dried slowly… the resulting cup being very fruity with a creamy mouthfeel that holds up even at lighter roasts.

Tasting Notes

raspberry, mango, nougat

  • Cup Profile - creamy, bright, sweet
  • Country of Origin - Colombia
  • Growning Region - Cundinamarca
  • Cultivars - Castillo
  • Processing - Lactic Fermentation
  • Elevation - 1580 masl



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