Hilda Castiblanco is the case of a 74 years old strong and independent woman. She lost her father when she was just 5 and was raised by her mother until she turned 7 and was sent to Bogotá to work. Since then, she has been working hard to build a better future for her and her three sons, who are now all professionals and living in the city. Doña Hilda bought her farm, El Porvenir, 35 years ago and immediately started to grow coffee. She lives by herself at the farm and manages everything regarding the crops. For her, the Neighbors & Crops program with La Palma y El Tucan made a huge difference. Now, she doesn’t have to worry about the picking, processing or drying of her coffee. This lot went through their long, anaerobic fermentation process that produces a bright and fruity cup with plenty on complexity.

Tasting Notes

lemon, apricot, white wine

  • Cup Profile - bright, fruity, complex
  • Country of Origin - Colombia
  • Growning Region - Cundinamarca
  • Cultivars - Castillo
  • Processing - Lactic Fermentation
  • Elevation - 1650 masl