Pink Bourbon is a variety of coffee (coffee has numerous varieties, much like grapes, oranges, apples etc) that, instead of having cherries that ripen to a deep red color, they ripen to a vibrant pink. Jose Daniel Muñoz owns a 5 hectare farm in Huila, Colombia where he grows this variety (at very high altitudes) then processes it on his farm and sells to a local cooperative. It’s a lively and juicy cup of coffee that makes Jose Daniel Muñoz’s care and attention to his craft apparent.

Tasting Notes

limeade, red grapefruit, caramel

  • Cup Profile - light, bright, juicy
  • Country of Origin - Colombia
  • Growning Region - Huila
  • Cultivars - Pink Bourbon
  • Processing - Washed Process
  • Elevation - 1780 masl


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