In Central and South America, the Spanish word for “honey” is used to describe the sticky mucilage that surrounds the coffee seed after it is pulped. The Honey Process refers to the practice of pulping the seed out of the coffee cherry, and letting it dry with some amount of sugary mucilage still surrounding it. This can be done to varying degrees, and is a delicate balance between working with the variables and conditions present and achieving a particular end result from the coffee. This lot from the farm “Calle Liles” which was processed at the Las Lajas mill in central Costa Rica, was pulped with 100% of the mucilage left on and turned several times a day while drying. This creates a sweet, complex and fruity cup of coffee.

Tasting Notes

cherry, apricot, sweet pastry, meringue

  • Cup Profile - fruity, complex, juicy
  • Country of Origin - Costa Rica
  • Growning Region - Sabanilla de Alajuela
  • Cultivars - Caturra, Catuai
  • Processing - honey process
  • Elevation - 1450 masl