This lot of the dwarf variety “Villa Sarchi” from the farm Finca Angelina was grown and processed by the Aguilera family (12 brothers and sisters in all)  in Los Robles de Naranjo in the West Valley of Costa Rica. They inherited the farm from their father, who planted it 70 years ago and was the first to start growing coffee in the region. The siblings work together to cultivate the land, care for the coffee trees and process the coffee at their own mill on site. This lot is a natural process, meaning the coffee cherries were picked and then dried with the fruit and skin still surrounding the seed, leading to a vibrant and fruit-forward cup.

Tasting Notes

orange marmalade, pineapple, chocolate

  • Cup Profile - sweet, fruity, full-bodied
  • Country of Origin - Costa Rica
  • Growning Region - West Valley
  • Cultivars - Villa Sarchi
  • Processing - natural process
  • Elevation - 1450 masl