In 2008 an earthquake shook Costa Rica’s central valley, and the water supply to Las Lajas mill was unexpectedly interrupted for several. Rather than lose a staggering amount of coffee to the inability to process it (traditional methods in Central and South America require fresh water) the decided to experiment using dry processes, namely sun-dried naturals and honey processed coffees. The results were so impressive that they now focus exclusively on these methods of processing coffee. We’ve been coming back to their coffees for a few years, and this lot of sun-dried natural process coffee caught our attention. It’s fruity, complex, tropical and pulls and intensely sweet shot of espresso (as well as a killer cup of coffee…)

Tasting Notes

pineapple, sangria, lime candy, cocoa

  • Cup Profile - complex, syrupy, sweet
  • Country of Origin - Costa Rica
  • Growning Region - Central Valley
  • Cultivars - Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi
  • Processing - Natural Process
  • Elevation - 1450 masl


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