Sidra, which means “cider” in Spanish, is a naturally occurring cross-breed variety of coffee named for its distinct apple-like sweetness found in the cup. This microlot from producer Carmen Gagnay on the farm “Finca La Fortaleza” makes Sidra’s namesake abundantly clear. Carmen picks the coffee cherries ripe then pulps them, ferments the coffee for 15 hours before washing it multiple times then drying it on raised beds for 10 days. All this leads to a clean, juicy and vibrant cup that definitely has us thinking about cider while sipping this Sidra.

Tasting Notes

honey, fuji apple, meyer lemon and cocoa

  • Cup Profile - juicy, sweet, clean
  • Country of Origin - Ecuador
  • Growning Region - Pichincha
  • Cultivars - Sidra
  • Processing - washed process
  • Elevation - 1300 masl


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