Finca Himalaya is a 60-hectare farm owned by Mauricio A. Salaverria, and is located in the Apaneca Mountains in El Salvador’s Ataco region. Mauricio’s farms are planted with Bourbon, Pacamara, and Maragogype varieties, as well as cypress, pine andinga shade trees. The volcanic soil and use of shade create a very hospitable environment for the coffee, and Mauricio has developed his own systems for processing coffee. This lot of natural process Anacafe 14 variety (a naturally occurring cross of Pacamara and a Catimor-type coffee) provides a sweet, crisp and tangy cup with plenty of fruitiness and chocolatey flavors.

Tasting Notes

green apple, cherry, milk chocolate, caramel

  • Cup Profile - crisp, smooth, sweet, tangy
  • Country of Origin - El Salvador
  • Growning Region - Santa Ana
  • Cultivars - Anacafe 14
  • Processing - Natural Process
  • Elevation - 1500 masl


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