The first natural process Ethiopian coffee of the summer is here, and it’s a doozy! Kayon Mountain is a family owned farm in the southern Guji zone of Shakiso district in Ethiopia. Because they own their own land, wet mill and dry mill they are able to bypass the current auction system and export their own coffee from the time they started their farm in 2012. This also allows them to control and experiment with processing methods leading to more exotic and delicious cups as they learn and refine their techniques.

Tasting Notes

tart cherry, nectarine, lemon, toasted almond

  • Cup Profile - fruity, sweet, bright
  • Country of Origin - Ethiopia
  • Growning Region - Shakiso, Guji
  • Cultivars - native heirlooms
  • Processing - natural process
  • Elevation - 1900 - 2200 masl