The Odola Tebe Arowacho washing station was built in 2016, and serves the abundance of families and individuals growing small plots of coffee (or collecting it from wild “forests”) in the Uraga area of the Guji region in Ethiopia. The Uraga district has some of the highest coffee-growing elevations in Ethiopia, leading to slow-developing coffee cherries which translates into delicious coffees loaded with fruit character and sweetness. We’re excited to offer our first coffee from Uraga and the Odola washing station through our Ethiopian coffee partners at Catalyst Trade.

Tasting Notes

apricot, pear, orange juice, cocoa

  • Cup Profile - juicy, bright, sweet
  • Country of Origin - Ethiopia
  • Growning Region - Guji
  • Cultivars - Ethiopian heirloom varieties
  • Processing - Washed Process
  • Elevation - 2095 - 2122 masl



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