Much of the coffee grown in Ethiopia comes from small garden plots that families have on their property. In contrast to large one-farm estate coffees, this lot from Reko Koba mill in the Gedeo zone of Ethiopia represents the pickings of a great many families. Even so, the coffee exhibits an astoundingly clean and complex flavor, perhaps because of the additional care taken by sorting all of the coffee by size- and inherently great varieties and conditions for beautiful coffee. Our latest offering from Dominion Trading and Catalyst Coffee, and we’re excited to see how they grow their relationships in Ethiopia in the future.

Tasting Notes

You’ll taste peach, brown sugar, hibiscus and pink lemonade.

  • Country of Origin - Ethiopia
  • Growning Region - Yirgacheffe, Gedeo
  • Cultivars - Native Heirlooms
  • Processing - Washed
  • Elevation - 1850 - 2100 MASL


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