This coffee comes from the farm “La Colmenita” meaning “the little beehive” in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Francisco Cardona Martín owns and operates the farm, producing and processing beautiful washed coffees while continuing to learn about his coffee trees and his land. His goal is to gain further technical understanding to refine his methods and process and continue to produce better coffees every year. If this year’s crop from La Colmenita is any indication of the trend, we’ll definitely be back for more next year.

Tasting Notes

lemon candy, lime, cashew butter, peach

  • Cup Profile - light, juicy, sweet
  • Country of Origin - Guatemala
  • Growning Region - Huehuetenango
  • Cultivars - Caturra, Pache Rojo, Catuaí
  • Processing - washed process
  • Elevation - 1700 masl


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