Roger Dominguez owns the farm “Las Acacias” (and a few others) in the region of La Paz in Marcala, Honduras. Roger has always been focused on growing and processing coffee well, but with demand in the coffee market shifting he recently began producing natural processed (fully dried in the cherry before pulping) coffees. Although Honduras was previously known for coffees that are “mild” in flavor, producers like Roger who are focusing on quality and innovation are exporting (with infrastructure support from importers like Cafe Imports in MN) vibrant and exciting coffees. This lot of Red Catuai is a fine example; it has sparkling acidity and plenty of sweetness.

Tasting Notes

honeydew melon, apple juice, strawberry

  • Cup Profile - juicy, sweet, crisp
  • Country of Origin - Honduras
  • Growning Region - Marcalas
  • Cultivars - Red Catuai
  • Processing - Natural Process
  • Elevation - 1500 masl


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