There’s always that moment when you only options for a cup are bleak and frankly a bit depressing like the airport, on a flight or at Grandma’s house. Or there are moments when you just can’t justify bringing your brew setup, and hand-grinding coffee for 4 different people’s pour-overs, like a camping trip. Enter: INSTANT ODDLY.

This package contains 4 servings of space-age coffee, ready to be combined with 8-10 oz of water to produce a delicious and hassle-free cup no matter what predicament in which you find yourself. Made with our Ethiopia Hadeso natural process by our friends at Sudden Coffee in San Francisco, this crystallized coffee is sweet, fruity and balanced.

Tasting Notes

blueberry, milk chocolate, peach

  • Cup Profile - sweet, fruity, balanced
  • Country of Origin - Ethiopia
  • Processing - Natural Process


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