Kaguyu is a wet mill operated by the Inoi Farmer’s Cooperative Society in Kirinyaga, Kenya. There are about 850 members who bring their freshly-picked coffee cherry to the “factory” to be pupled, fermented, washed and dried. Kaguyu mill provides training and education to producers of the cooperative, so the quality and productivity of their coffee trees (as well as tea, bananas, and corn commonly grown alongside the coffee) improves harvest to harvest. The combination of volcanic soil and classic Kenyan coffee varieties and processing style leads to a beautifully classic cup that is at the same time citrusy, sweet and complex.

Tasting Notes

grapefruit, cane sugar, lemon zest

  • Cup Profile - bright, sweet, complex
  • Country of Origin - Kenya
  • Growning Region - Kirinyaga
  • Cultivars - SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, K7
  • Processing - Washed Process, Kenyan Style
  • Elevation - 1750 masl


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