This coffee comes from the Kibugu Farmers Cooperative Society in Embu, Kenya. They operate Gicherori washing station, where this lot was collected and processed. Like many places in Africa, coffee in Kenya is grown mostly by small-holding farmers who bring their coffee cherry to collection points or washing stations like Gicherori to be sorted, processed and graded. Farmers are paid out for their coffee, as well as receiving help in learning agricultural practices and sustainable farming from the Kibugu Cooperative. The classic Kenyan coffee varieties along with traditional Kenyan-style processing contribute to this coffee’s bright and sweet profile, and we’re excited to have coffee representing Kibugu’s 1000 or so farmers to share with you this season.

Tasting Notes

cherry tomato, molasses, red grapefruit

  • Cup Profile - bright, syrupy, complex
  • Country of Origin - Kenya
  • Growning Region - Embu
  • Cultivars - SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11
  • Processing - washed process, Kenya style
  • Elevation - 1550 masl

$21.00 $16.00

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