The Muthunzuuni Farmers Cooperative Society is a group of roughly 850 producers who bring their coffee cherries to a central wet mill in the county of Machakos, just east of Mt Kenya. This is our first year buying coffee from the Muthunzuuni FCS and we’re very excited to share this lot of peaberry (if you’re not familiar, peaberry coffee occurs when one small, round seed forms inside the coffee cherry instead of two larger seeds side-by-side.) It’s juicy, sweet, and has enough of the classic Kenya flavor to satisfy our die-hard Kenya fans.

Tasting Notes

white grape, pink lemonade, red grapefruit, black tea

  • Cup Profile - juicy, sweet, complex
  • Country of Origin - Kenya
  • Growning Region - Machakos
  • Cultivars - SL28, SL34
  • Processing - Washed Process
  • Elevation - 1400 - 1800 masl



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