Scenario: It is late on a cool September night in a not-too-distant utopian future. You’re driving cross-country and need to stop to charge your solar-powered vehicle and get something to keep you awake for the last leg of the trip. As your car battery fills, you pour a cup of coffee from a pot that just finished dripping out of the brewer. You recall the days of your youth, when there was still low-quality coffee being produced at the expense of the farmers and profit of large corporations. Not anymore. You take a sip of this responsibly-sourced and delicious brew and feel ready for the road ahead.

We source a rotating cast of coffees chosen to create an experience of utmost coffee satisfaction to all who would have it. The idea is not to be married to any particular blend of coffees but create a consistent taste, quality and level of accessibility to all coffee drinkers.

Tasting Notes

truck stop coffee of a utopian future

  • Cup Profile - full-bodied, sweet, satisfying


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