Earlier this year, we stumbled upon a delicious coffee from Colombia that we later realized was produced by an all-female cooperative. We enjoyed their work so much, we decided to specifically seek out other women producers doing great work. Through our friends at Cafe Imports in Minnesota we found this lot from a group of women in Chiapas who, since 2005, have banded together to increase the presence and impact of women in Mexico’s coffee production while adhering to high standards of quality as well. Now they are more than 225 women strong, and have a seat on the region’s ecological cooperative board of directors. We’re thrilled to both support their efforts and enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Tasting Notes

red apple, white grape juice, chocolate

  • Cup Profile - mellow, soft, crisp
  • Country of Origin - Mexico
  • Growning Region - Chiapas
  • Cultivars - Typica, Bourbon
  • Processing - washed process
  • Elevation - 980 - 1720 masl


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