Every few months we source coffees for a new blend to create an espresso that not only contains fresh, recently harvested coffee but also matches the feeling of the current season.

In tribute to and collaboration with our new friends at General Porpoise¬†doughnuts in Seattle, WA… we present “Special Porpoise,” our seasonal espresso for Winter of 2018. A friendship forged through common roots in the Midwest and an unending pursuit of excellence in our realms, Oddly Correct and General Porpoise are shaking hands from halfway across the continent and are proud to share this limited-time offering with you. We’ve both found our special porpoise in life… we’re hoping you can be inspired and energized to do the same!

Recommended shot: 19 gram dose, 40 gram output, 24 seconds

Tasting Notes

dark chocolate, elderberry, baking spice

  • Cup Profile - full-bodied, creamy, complex
  • Country of Origin - Papua New Guinea, Brazil
  • Growning Region - Western Highlands, Mogiana
  • Processing - washed process, natural process