This coffee is a blend of peaberries from smallholder farmers from various villages and washing stations in Tanzania’s southern highlands. Most farmers in this region grow a few different cultivars, including Tanzania-specific N 39 and KP 423. A “peaberry” develops when only one small seed grows within the coffee cherry instead of the usual two seeds facing each other at a flat surface. While there’s a lot of mystique surrounding these little seeds, any increase in quality most likely comes from their uniform size which leads to even roasting.

Tasting Notes

red grapefruit, limeade, cocoa

  • Cup Profile - bright, sweet, complex
  • Country of Origin - Tanzania
  • Growning Region - Southern Highlands
  • Cultivars - N 39, KP 423
  • Processing - Washed Process
  • Elevation - 1500 - 1900 masl


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