Ok friends, things are getting real. The need to keep some distance between ourselves and others for the good of our communities and frankly the world is presenting new challenges to us in the service industry.

Here’s how we can help each other: 12oz of delicious, fresh, responsibly sourced coffee at a killer price (this is grocery store coffee prices for what is frankly, MUCH better coffee!)… delivered or ready for pickup every week (or other week). Your subscription will directly benefit our employees and make sure we can keep paying our people as traffic to restaurants, bars and coffee shops slows during this crisis, and it will keep you from the crisis of running out of coffee while keeping yourself at least 6 feet away from others and out of crowds.

Choose one of our signature coffees, both roasts of coffee sourced from Chiapas, Mexico:

Good Girl – a light, crisp and balanced brew, easy drinking and eye-opening

Bad Dog – darker, but with chocolate-y sweetness and a full body that sticks to your ribs

Orders are roasted/shipped every Thursday, and ready for pickup every Friday at our location at 4141 Troost Ave, KCMO. Orders received after 6am CST Thursday morning will be processed the following week.

From: $10.49 every 2 weeks


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