Oddly Correct started as a simple desire to do things differently and pursue excellence through the best way we knew how: COFFEE. We’ve always believed in expanding on the basis of our success, and now we’re a small but capable crew of 15 unique individuals, all bent on kicking ass, being kind and (politely) giving the finger to the status-quo of running a business and a coffee shop. This manifests itself in a few important ways:

-an ethos of “low-brow/high-quality” in all we do; dropping the “elitist” and exclusive mindset common in “specialty” coffee

-commitment to ethical and equitable practices in employee policy and compensation

-pursuing more environmentally sustainable practices in our cafe and roasting operations

In short, we’re working to create context for people to discover and appreciate coffee as a unique and wonderful beverage while striving for equity for all who work to bring coffee from seed to cup. We want to break people out of their rut, engage them with quality coffee, art and service, and help them experience something beautiful in their everyday life. That is, we wish to freak out your morning cup.

Come find us at 4141 Troost Ave Kansas City, MO 64110 Monday–Friday from 7am–5pm, and Saturday/Sunday 8am-3pm.