If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. And a job that is done well is worth paying good money for. With that in mind, in the spirit of transparency and in light of our insights from surveying Baristas in KC about compensation, we have committed to the following for all our employees:

-a MINIMUM hourly pay rate after tips of $18/hr; if an employee’s average hourly wage including tips is ever under $18/hr, Oddly will make up the difference. If an employee’s average rate goes above $18/hr, it’s all theirs, with bi-annual re-evaluation for increases based on performance, company success, and increases in cost of living expenses

-membership to HealthStudio KC direct primary medical care , paid by Oddly for all employees

-45 hours paid sick leave every calendar year for every employee

-paid vacation shift every first Wednesday of the month to rest and play together as a team (we’re closed this day every month)

-free drinks and 50% off food and merchandise for all staff and a significant other (doesn’t have to be spouse) along with any 12oz retail bag of coffee free, each week

-after 1 year on staff: paid time off equalling their average weekly hours over their first year, expenses-paid coffee pilgrimage/educational trip in US with company owner(s) -after 2 years: option for 50% paid trip to coffee origin with green buyer

We believe this model not only acknowledges that we highly value the people on our team and their work, but allows for their income to continue to grow in relation to our success in serving our customers well. We thank all of our wonderful and loyal customers for partnering with us to provide a place for coffee professionals to do great work and be well-resourced and compensated. If you believe as much as we do in the value of these folks, vote with your wallet as they say… buy good coffee and tip generously, throughout KC and everywhere else you go!