Something that permeates all the work we do at Oddly Correct is a simple ethos that has been boiled down to the statement “low-brow/high-quality.” What this means is that in everything we do, we use simplicity as a means for pursuing excellence and accessibility in our products.

This focus helps us to find and roast coffees that need very little or nothing to make them a sweet and engaging beverage, offer a range of coffees for varying budgets that never sacrifice flavor, create a well-curated menu of espresso-based beverages that can either showcase the coffee or put a new spin on coffee shop mainstays (our bourbon vanilla latte is near legendary), and make some of the best buttermilk biscuits you may ever have.

So although we may not have a new menu of drinks and food every time the season changes, we think our insistence on keeping things simple helps us keeps things excellent and mind-opening for you, whether it is a cup of drip, a bag of coffee from the Colombian Andes, or a bacon egg and jam biscuit.