6 years of blending a new espresso every 3 months taught us a lot. We learned how to quickly find and evaluate fresh coffees that can play well with milk while remaining vibrant and sweet. We also learned that certain coffees work better than others, and that we really enjoyed particular combinations of coffees that just happened to come from places in the world where fresh coffees are available nearly year-round. Available year-round, LEVIATHAN is the product of years of experimenting and refining our sourcing, roasting and blending of espresso and we couldn’t be more happy with the outcome.

Recommended shot: 19.5 gram dose, 37 gram output, 25 seconds

Tasting Notes

cherry, dark chocolate, apricot

  • Cup Profile - creamy, complex, sweet
  • Country of Origin - Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia
  • Processing - Washed and Natural Process