We visited our friends at La Palma y El Tucan in Cundinamarca, Colombia in October of 2023 and of course tasted many fantastic coffees, but this lot of Gesha variety (a particular sub-species of coffee originally found in Ethiopia, transplanted to Central and South America) stood out and our crew knew we had to have it here for you all. It was processed in a unique way, going through a fermentation using a cultivated substrate of micro-organisms harvested from around La Palma’s own farm before being laid out to dry in-cherry on raised beds. The result is a uniquely fruity and complex coffee, manifesting flavors of rose, citrus, berry, wedding cake and skittles.

Tasting Notes

wedding cake, rose, hibiscus, skittles, chocolate malt

  • Cup Profile - light, sweet, floral
  • Country of Origin - Colombia
  • Growning Region - Cundinamarca
  • Cultivars - Gesha
  • Processing - Bio-Innovation Natural Process
  • Elevation - 1800 masl


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