oddly correct thanksgiving

If you’re really lucky, you enjoy your family.  Thanksgiving is chill, and you don’t need anything extra to survive the day.  Coffee, football, wine and naps are added bonuses, not escape strategies!  Ignore this email.  All your cool relatives are bringing their own home town favorite roaster’s coffee to the meal, anyway. Happy Thanksgiving!

As for the rest of you, we think we can help you win the day, or at least a few moments with three simple strategies.  You’re going to need to be strong, cunning and channel your spirit animal.


1.  Form an alliance.  You know who your cool cousins are.  And how about uncle Craig, who’s always “grabbing some air,” (and eye drops afterward…)?  You know he’s cool.  Bring a chemex, and brew them something freaky.  The Kenya and the natural process Costa Rica are pretty banging right now.  While the rest of the family is choking down something from a plastic can, you are blowing the minds of a lucky few.  You can build a bridge that will open up new opportunities when you find yourself at a loss at the next graduation party.

2.  Coffeevangelize.  You once were blind to quality coffee, and now you see.  This could be the year when you get to wake up a family member to a new reality.  The aero press method is an easy way to engage the curiosity of an over-stuffed audience. Clear a space. Perform the ritual.  When the seeker finds you stirring and mashing this mysterious cylinder, they will ask questions.  With pageantry or your favorite flourish, wave your hands and offer them a sip, while whispering, “Taste and see that this coffee is good.”  Note: Be gentle.  The convert will be in a fragile state.  Try the Guatemala San Pedro Atitlan.  It’s as juicy as it is clean.

3. Crush it.  You’re a winner.  You brought pie.  Not a grocery store pie.  You made pie from scratch.  Or, maybe you didn’t bring anything at all.  You can’t bake.  And you don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen.  Either way, you know what makes life rich: quality ingredients and love.  You are going to tackle coffee for the entire family.  Not everyone is going to care what’s in their cup.  It may be drowned in any manner of accouterments(gravy? Really?!).  This matters not, because you know why you are doing what you’re doing.  You are a lover.  You are in touch with your spirit animal.  It’s going to give that family meal a big ole bear hug in a cup.  We recommend a couple bags of Spirit Animal.  It’s affordable and tasty.  You’re discerning family members will thank you, and the others are going to ignore you no matter what you do.  Kill them with kindness…

We hope this helps!  Let us know your favorite thanksgiving coffee story, success or failure!  We’ll take the best one and resident artist Gregory Kolsto will illustrate it!

Happy Thanksgiving.


The Oddly Crew